What's New in Shyplite Dashboard 2.0

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Product Tour

We have introduced Tour feautre to help you easily navigate through our new platform. Click on the Tour option in the Settings to get started.

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Data Driven Analytics

We have introduced graphs and analytics to help you strategize and optimize your targeted sales and marketing. You can analyse your order with repsect to order types, mode types, carriers, zones in selected time frame.

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Manage All Your Orders in a Single Page

We have merged orders and shipments page in a single page to make all the orders ease the accessibility of the all the orders in a single view. You can check all the pending orders which are yet to be processed (earlier used to show on orders page) in the Unprocessed tab of Shipments page.

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Add New Order from any page

We have introduced Add New Order button so that you can quickly add orders from any page of the platform.

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Edit Orders in Bulk in just 2 Clicks

You can now edit multiple orders at the same time to update the selected orders with same warehouse, mode type, dimensions or weight of the package.

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Quick-Edit Orders

We have introduced in-line editing of orders so that you can edit and book an order swiftly.

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Add Multiple Items in an Order

Now you can multiple items/SKUs in a single order from single order form as well.

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On-Screen Logs for Bulk Orders

Now you can refer and download order upload files and error files from on-screen logs on bulk order page itself.

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Add Multiple Connectors

Now you can add as many as stores as you want for any connector from the platform itself.

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Easy Switching between the Two Interfaces

This feature allows you to seamlessly switch back and forth between the two interfaces.

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Mobile Friendly Design

Our new dashboard interface is responsive thus you can operate it smoothly on mobile/tablet as well.

On Panel Feedback

With our new feedback feature, you can share all your concerns, queries through screenshots or video recordings along with the description in detail. Moreover, you can check all your submitted feedbacks and replies to them too!

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If you have any questions that are not addressed, please feel free to reach Shyplite Support.