Understanding Settings Options of Shyplite Panel

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Shyplite Settings

  1. Login to Shyplite Panel.
  2. In the left side menu click on the Settings icon at the bottom.


View Your KYC Details

You can see your KYC Details on the Profile page of the Settings.

View Your Bank Details

You can view your bank details for the COD Remittance. If you have not updated your bank details yet, please follow the steps to add the bank details.

  1. Go to COD Page.
  2. Add your account details.
  3. Verify the amount you have received.
  4. On successful amount verification, your bank details will be saved.
  5. It will be further reviewed and activated by support team for COD remittance.

Update Your Registered Phone Number

Please follow the steps to update your registered contact number:

  1. Go to Profile Page of Settings.
  2. Under Your Profile section, click on Update button next to your registered number
  3. Enter the OTP received on your current registered number.
  4. Once your OTP is verified, you would be able to edit your registered number.
  5. Enter your number and click on update to save the same.

Update Your Communication Emails

You can update two additional emails additional to your registered email ID for the communitcation of operations and finance related emails.

  • Operations Email: Add an additional email to receive communications related to operations, such as email for NDR Report etc.

  • Finance Email: Add an additional email to receive communications related to finance, such as emails for invoice, COD remittance etc.

Please note: all the emails will be marked to the registered email and your operations or finance email will be in cc in your have added the same.

Setup Your Customer Branded Tracking Page

Tracklite is a customizable tracking page where your customers can track their order. This is a completely free feature by Shyplite on which you can showcase your brand name, logo and customer support details for easy reference for your customers.

  1. Go to Customization in the Settings.

  2. Update the following details in the Tracklite Section

Add the following information

Brand Name

  • Add your Brand Name, same will be displayed on the Tracklite.


  • Add your website URL here. The customer will be redirected to your website when he clicks on your brand name or your brand logo.

Support Email

  • Add your customer support email address where your buyer can reach you in case of any queries.

Support Contact

  • Add your customer support phone number where your buyer can reach you in case of any queries.

Upload Logo

  • Upload your brand logo here. Logo size should be less than 500 kb. The allowed image formats are .png and .jpg

Custom URL Tag

  • Add your brand name to Tracklite URL.

Accept Return for

  • Allow your customers to place a return request for their order from the Tracklite page itself. You can choose the number of days till when you will accept the return request after delivery.
  • Once the return request is placed by the customer, same will be reflected on your orders page with Channel “Tracklite” and you can book the order by clicking the “Book” button.

Download Your Merchant Agreement

You can download a copy of the merchant agreement by clicking “Download Agreement” button.

Update Login Password

You can update your shyplite panel login password from “Update Login Password” Section.

  1. Enter your current password in “Current” field.
  2. Enter your new password in “New” field.
  3. Confirm your new passwrod again by entering it in “Verify” field.

Update Profile password

You can update your profile password which is required to access the COD page.

  1. Enter your current password in “Current” field.
  2. Enter your new password in “New” field.
  3. Confirm your new passwrod again by entering it in “Verify” field.

Note: If you have not added the profile password for your COD page, go to COD page and set the profile password.

Add/Edit your Connectors

Go to Connectors in the Settings.

Connect your store with Shyplite import the orders from your carts. Please check the links below for respective connectors.


What is SKU? Why is it important to upload SKU?

SKU is a stock keeping unit, it is a unique code consisting of letters and numbers that identify characterstics about each product such as brand, style, color and size.

Adding your SKUs will help you process orders in bulk which are imported from a connector as on order processing weight, dimension and mode for of the order will be used same as of the SKU in the order. So, if you are going to process your orders by creating it by order form or by uploading order excel or via API integration, then you do not need to add the SKUs to Shyplite panel.

How to Add a SKU?

  1. Go to SKU page in Settings.

  2. Click on +New SKU.

  3. Download the Sample file by clicking on Download Sample button.

  4. Fill the details in the excel sheet.

  • SKU Name: Fill the SKU of your product.
  • Item Name: Fill the product name associated with the respective SKU.
  • Item Length: Add length of the package in which you are going to pack this product. It should be cm (centimeters).
  • Item Width: Add width of the package in which you are going to pack this product. It should be cm (centimeters).
  • Item Height: Add height of the package in which you are going to pack this product. It should be cm (centimeters).
  • Item Weight: Add dead weight of your product in kg (kilogram).
  • Mode Type: Choose your preferred Shyplite Mode of shipping. Please note this mode will be set as the default mode for shipping this product. In case you get an order in bulk, you might need to change your shipping mode type while order booking.
    • Mode can be one of these mode types: Air, Lite-0.5kg, Lite-1kg, Lite-2kg, Surface-5kg, Surface-10kg.
  1. Click on “Choose File”” and select the updated file.

  2. Click on “Import” to import the SKUs to Shyplite panel.
  3. You can also add a single SKU by filling the SKU form on the same page and Click on Submit to save the SKU.

Note: Please enter the value of SKU very carefully as it cannot be updated after submissions.

How to Edit a SKU?

  1. A SKU can be added by clicking the “Edit” button on the right of the SKU Row.

  2. On clicking the Edit SKU button SKU editing form will be opened. Please update the details as per your requirement and Submit the form.

Note: “SKU” field is non-editable.

  1. Alternatively, you can edit the SKU by exporting the SKUs from Shyplite panel, make required updates in the sheet and import the sheet in +New SKU page.

  2. To export the SKUs, open the filters of SKU Page and click on Export button.


Go to Warehouses to add the pick up address(es).

How to Add a Pickup Warehouse?

  1. Click Here to add your pick up address. Alternatively, you can go to Settings » Warehouses » + New Warehouse

  2. Add the required details:

    • Address Name: Add a address name for your pick up address, it is only for your reference. -Vendor Name: Add a vendor name which you want to be printed on the shipping label with this address.
    • Address: Add the complete pick up address.
    • Pincode: Add the pick up address pincode.
    • City: Add the pick up city.
    • Contact Name: Add a contact name for the address.
    • Contact No. 1: Add the contact number. Please note carrier will coordinate for pick up on this number.
    • Default Pickup: If this is your default pickup address for all your orders, mark it as deafult pickup.
    • Default Billing: If this is your billing address, mark it as deafult billing. Please note, this address will be printed on your Shyplite invoices.
    • Location: Start typing you address, locate your address.
    • Send OTP: Click on Send OTP.
    • Verify your OTP

Your address will be reviewed by our team and will be activated as soon as possible, sometimes immediately. Please feel free to reach our Shyplite Support in case you want to get your address activated on priority.

How to Edit a Pickup Warehouse?

  1. To edit a warehouse, go to Warehouses option from settings.
  2. Click on the Edit button on the warehouse you want to edit.

  3. You can edit only the following fields while editing a warehouse:
    • Vendor Name
    • Contact Name
    • Contact No. 1
    • Contact No. 2
    • Default Pickup
    • Default Billing
    • Location
  4. After editing the required details, click on Send OTP.
  5. Verify the OTP received on the Contact No. 1.
  6. On successful verification of OTP, edited warehouse details will be automatically saved and activated.

Carrier Services

If you are on carrier automation account, all the carrier are by default activated on your account as per their serivceability. Thus, please proceed directly to step 7.

  1. Go to Service in the Settings.

  2. By default all the carriers are enabled for all the available modes. Please update your carrier-mode settings as per your preference.

  3. Please note: Disabling a carrier modes, disables the service for all order types (Prepaid, COD & Reverse) for that carrier.

Priority Settings

If you are on carrier automation account, booking preferences are automatically setup from the system as per carrier performace and their serivceability. Thus, please proceed directly to step 7.

  1. Go to Priority in the Settings.

  2. By default your bulk booking and API booking priority are set as Cheapest Priority Setting that means your order will assigned to the cheapest carrier of selected mode from the enabled carrier-mode pair setting.

  3. If you want to set your custom priority, please click on Priority Tab on the top.

  4. Select your carrier from the dropdown as per zone and mode. Please note, only enabled carrier as per mode will display in the dropdown.

  5. By selecting the custom Priority Settings, the first priority will be given to the set carrier as per zone and mode. If the first priority carrier’s service is not available or is disabled by you, the order will assigned to the cheapest carrier for selected mode.

If you have any questions that are not addressed, please feel free to reach Shyplite Support.