Understanding Customization Settings

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The Customization option is present in the [Settings] section of your dashboard. You can control how you showcase your brand to your customers using out custom branding tracking page and you can also customize the details you would like to display or hide on the shipping labels as per your requirement.

Understanding Tracklite Settings

Tracklite is a customizable tracking page where your customers can track their order. This is a completely free feature by Shyplite on which you can showcase your brand name, logo and customer support details for easy reference for your customers.

It display details for an order such as Order ID, Courier Name, Tracking Number, Real time tracking, Estimated delivery time.

Your customers can also give an alternate instruction in case they want to get it reattempted. Their remark gets added on the NDR page and get escalated to the carrier along with other order NDR remarks.

Please follow the steps to setup the Tracklite Settings

  1. Go to Profile in the Settings.

  2. Scroll down to the Tracklite Section

Add the following information

Upload Logo

  • Upload your brand logo here. Logo size should be less than 500 kb. The allowed image formats are .png and .jpg

Brand Name

  • Add your Brand Name, same will be displayed on the Tracklite.


  • Add your website URL here. The customer will be redirected to your website when he clicks on your brand name or your brand logo.

Support Email

  • Add your customer support email address where your buyer can reach you in case of any queries.

Support Contact

  • Add your customer support phone number where your buyer can reach you in case of any queries.

Custom URL Tag

  • Add your brand name to Tracklite URL.

Accept Return for

  • Allow your customers to place a return request for their order from the Tracklite page itself. You can choose the number of days till when you will accept the return request after delivery.
  • Once the return request is placed by the customer, same will be reflected on your orders page with Channel “Tracklite” and you can book the order by clicking the “Book” button.

Logo Location

  • Set logo alignment position for the mobile user from Left, Center & Right.

Click on Save to update the settings.

Understanding Label Settings

The core features of Label Settings include the options to hide or change the details on the labels you print, which covers the following:

  1. Hide Customer Contact:

    Enabling this setting will hide the customer contact from the shipping label.

    • The details of the customer will be shared by the courier company with the delivery person for a hassle-free delivery.

    Please Note: This setting will only for Delhivery and Xpressbees, thus it will still be printed for all the other carriers even if this setting is enabled.

    Sample Shipping Label showing Customer Contact:

  2. Hide Product Value & Description:

    Enabling this setting will hide all the product names with its corresponding amount details from the shipping label.

    • The SKU/s of the products will still be printed along with the quantity of the product.

    There are various reasons to hide the product value and description from the package.

    • The customer has ordered the product as a gift to someone thus want to keep it as surprise.
    • The customer may choose to hide the amount of a high value product for security reasons.

    Sample Label with Product Description and Values:

  3. Hide Pickup Address:

    Enabling this setting will hide the pickup address and contact number from the shipping label.

    • You many choose to print the support contact number instead of the pickup address contact number to help customer reach out to your support directly in case of any queries related to the product.

    Please Note: This setting is applicable for all carriers except FedEx, thus it will still be printed for FedEx shipping labels even if this setting is enabled.

    Sample Labels showing your Pickup address and its contact details:

  4. Print Packing List:

    Enabling this setting will print a packing list along with the shipping label where full product name is not printed on the label so that you pack the products in an order.

    Sample Packing List for reference:

  5. Print Invoice:

    Enabling this setting will print an invoice along with the shipping label.

    • Invoice Prefix: This feature allows you to add prefixes to your invoice.

    • You can also update the address which will print on the invoice by choosing the pickup address or default billing address as required.

    Please Note: The following invoice is only for reference and cannot be used for GST compliance.

    Please refer to the sample invoice.

If you have any questions that are not addressed, please feel free to reach Shyplite Support.