How can I Ship Multiple Packages (MPS) on One Tracking Number to a Customer?

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How Can I Ship Multiple Packages (MPS) on One Tracking Number to a Customer?

You can ship an order with more than one package under a single tracking number which is commonly known as MPS (Multi-packet shipment). You can save the hassle of shipping and tracking many small packages by using MPS order booking feature.

How to Get the MPS Order Booking Option Activated on Your Account?

To activate MPS order booking form on your account, you will need to recharge your account with Rs 3000 in advance which will be adjusted in your upcoming invoices. Once you recharge your account successfully, you can reach to Shyplite Support to activate this feature on your account.

How to Book an MPS Order?

Please follow the Steps to create a MPS Order:

  1. Click on “+ New Order” button on the top right corner.
  2. Go to the MPS tab.
  3. Please select the pickup address and provide the Order details, customer details and package details.

  4. Click on Create MPS button. Your order will be created.
  5. If your account is of type Choice, then please select the Preferred Carrier and Mode and Click on Book to book the order.

On successful booking of an MPS order, a master AWB will be get assigned to the order which tracks the overall movement of the MPS order.

Common Errors While Booking an MPS Order

  1. Please make sure that total value of the MPS order should be equal to the sum of the value of the all the cartons, in case the total value does not match, create order button will not get activated.

  2. Please make sure to input only integeral values in Value(INR)/Carton, if you input the value in decimal, create order button will not get activated.

If you have any questions that are not addressed, please feel free to reach Shyplite Support.