How Can I Rebook an Order?

You can rebook an order by following the below mentioned steps

  1. On the left navigation screen click on [Shipments]{:target=”_blank”}.

  2. Click anywhere on the order row of the order you want to rebook, it will open the shipment details page.

  3. You can see four buttons Download, Rebook, Book-Reverse and Cancel.

  4. Click on the Rebook button.

  5. It will open the order form on which you can edit customer details. You will have to input the Order ID.

  6. Click on Submit after editing the details as per your requirement.

  7. On clicking the Submit Button, your order will be booked and a carrier and tracking number will be assigned to your order if your account is of carrier automation.

  8. If your account is of carrier choice, on clicking the Submit Button, you will see a dialogue box from which you can select the carrier after checking the estimated rate for any shipping mode as per your perference.

  9. Click on the “Book” button to book the order with the carrier of your choice.

  10. Once your order is successfully booked, your order will shown on Shipments page from where you can refer to the tracking number and download the shipping label and more further for the processing.

If you have any questions that are not addressed, please feel free to reach Shyplite Support.