Can I Edit or Delete an Order?

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Can I Edit an Imported Order Before Order Booking?

You can edit the orders which are showing on Orders page by following the below mentioned steps:

  1. Double click on the order to open the order details page.

  2. You can see three buttons Book, Edit Order and Cancel Order.

  3. On clicking the Edit Order button, it will open the editable order form on which you can edit the order details. There you will have two options: “Save” and “Save & Book”.

  4. On clicking “Save”, edited order details will get saved only and will show on Orders page.

  5. On clicking “Save & Book”, order will be booked with the edited order details and will move to Shipments page.

Note: Cancelled Orders showing on Orders page cannot be edited.

Can I Edit an Order After Booking?

No, order cannot be edited after booking, it can only be cancelled.

Can I Delete an Order?

An order cannot be deleted. It can be edited before booking and can be cancelled before booking or after booking before pick up.

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