What is a Manifest? From Where Can I Download a Manifest?

What is a Manifest? From Where Can I Download a Manifest?

A manifest is a proof that you have handed over your orders to the carrier. We advise you to download the manifest and print two copies and get both signed by the pickup person and handover a copy for his record and keep the other copy for your record.

After booking an order successfully, please follow the steps to download the manifest

  1. On the left navigation screen click on Manifest.

  2. Click on download icon to download the manifest.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to download the manifest in bulk

  1. Click on the check boxes of the manifests that you want to download.

  2. Click on the Download button.

How to Split Manifest and download the Manifest for limited selected shipments?

Split manifest is helpful when you are not ready to hand over all the shipments under the downloadable manifests. The split option will let you break the existing manifest at your convenience with those ready to pick up.

Follow the below steps for splitting the manifest into two:

  1. Select the manifest through the check box for which you wanted to split.
  2. Now click on the split manifest button on the top right of the manifest page

  3. Once you click on the Split Manifest button, it will redirect you to the detail page of the selected manifest with all the shipments under it.
  4. Now select the shipments you want for creating a new manifest, and hand over for pickup.
  5. Click on the split shipment button to create a new manifest with selected shipments. You can download the newly created manifest and hand over the items to the courier.


  • Once the Manifest is downloaded, the status will update from “Open” to “Closed,” and the closed manifest will be moved to the close tab.
  • In case you do not close the manifest, the new orders will merge in the open manifests.

If you have any questions that are not addressed, please feel free to reach Shyplite Support.