What is NDR or Pendency Report?

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What is NDR or Pendency Report?

A Non-Delivery Report (NDR) or Pendency Report is a summary of order(s) which are undelivered along with their reason for non-delivery.

To process an NDR, you need to respond the same day to the raised NDR with “Re-attempt” or “Return” (as per the requirement) along with the appropriate remarks. A maximum of 3 attempts are done by the courier partner to deliver your order to the end customer. In case you fail to respond to the NDR in the same day, the order might get processed for RTO.

How to Submit Alternate Remark on NDR?

There are two ways to submit your remarks

By Submitting Remarks on Shyplite Panel Itself

  1. Go to the NDR page from left menu of Shyplite panel.
  2. Select the Action, Re-attempt or Return as per your requirement.
  3. Add additional remarks in “Seller Remarks”.
  4. Click “Submit” to submit the remarks.

By Uploading NDR Remark Excel Sheet

  1. Go to the NDR from left menu of Shyplite panel.
  2. Click on Download Button.
  3. Fill the “Seller Action” Column with Re-attempt or Return.
  4. Fill the “Seller Remark” Column to share additional remarks.
  5. Click on “Bulk Upload” and select the file to upload.
  6. On successful upload, it will automatically get submitted.

If you have any questions that are not addressed, please feel free to reach Shyplite Support.