How to Raise a Complaint for Delay in Delivery?

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How to Raise a Complaint for Delay in Delivery?

In case order has crossed the expected delivery turn around time (TAT) and you have received an NDR for the same, please refer to the NDR remark shared by the carrier and provide an alternate instructions on the NDR.

Click Here for the steps to provide remarks on the NDR.

In case the timeline has crossed for updating the NDR or you have not received the NDR, we request you to raise the concern to Shyplite Support via mail.

What Sort of Delays Can Affect Delivery of an Order?

There are all sorts of delays that can affect a shipment in transit, following are some examples:

  1. Pickup and delivery issues:
    • Pickup Issues: The carrier may not be able to locate your home or office. Thus, it is important for you to add the complete address which adding a warehouse and add a working phone number in the contact details.
    • Delivery Issues: The carrier may not be able to locate the delivery address.
  2. Delays outside our control:
    • Weather delays
    • Flight technical problems
    • Vehicle breakdown
    • Carrier may run out of time due to congestion on the road or accidents
  3. Carrier delays:
    • Due to heavy loads in the delivery hub, carrier may not dispatch your order for delivery.
    • Your parcel may be misrouted while moving in trasit which can cause delay.

Order is Showing Delivered But My Customer Hasn’t Received the Order. What Should I Do?

In case the where order status is updated as delivered however customer claims that the order is not delivered, please request POD of the order from Shyplite Support.

POD stands for Proof of Delivery and it acts like a receipt that proves that the delivery has been made to the customer. Please note, you can request POD within 7 days from the delivery date.

What Do You Mean By the Expected Delivery Date?

The Estimated Delivery Date is the carrier’s best estimate of when an order will be delivered to a customer. Please note it’s an estimated date only and does not guarantee that the order will be delivered on this date, also only a few carriers provide expected delivery date.

What is the Expected Delivery Turn Around Time?

Please find below the zone wise expected delivery TAT. Please note that the mentioned timeline is only an expected TAT for delivery after pickup of the orders. Actual delivery might differ in case of delivery exceptions.

If you have any questions that are not addressed, please feel free to reach Shyplite Support.