What is RTO/RTS?

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What is RTO/RTS?

RTO stands for return to origin and RTS stands for return to shipper which means the shipment is returning back to the shipper due to failure of delivery.

Common RTO Reasons

There can be various reasons for RTO of an order

  • Due to incomplete or incorrect customer address
  • Customer refused to accept the order
  • Customer did not accept the order in multiple delivery attempts etc.

Some RTOs are initiated voluntarily by the carrier

  • When an order is not in the acceptable conditions due to transit damage which could be caused by the poor packaging of the product.
  • If a forbidden or hazardous items is caught in transit, carrier can marks the order for RTO.

How to Check My RTO Orders

Go to the Shipments Page. Click on RTO/Rev tab to check the shipments which are marked as RTO.

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