Everything You Need to Know About International Shipping

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What Documents Are Required to Complete The KYC Process for International Shipping?

To activate International shipping on your account, you will need to recharge your account with Rs 10,000 in advance which will be adjusted in your upcoming invoices. Once you recharge your account successfully, you can reach to Shyplite Support to activate the international KYC form on your account.

Documents which are required for the KYC of International Shipping

For KYC Completion, following documents are required:

  • GST Number and GST Certificate (3 page full GST Certificate)
  • PAN Card
  • Import & Export Certificate and IEC Number

What Documents Are Required During the Pickup of an International Shipment?

  • A copy of GST Certificate and PAN card is recommended to handover at the time of first pickup.
  • A copy of IEC Certificate will be required for all the shipment having invoice value more than Rs 25000.
  • For commercial shipments having value more than Rs 25000, AD code and IFS code must be registered at Indian customs.

How to Book an International Order?

  1. Click on New Order button on the top right corner.
  2. Go to the “International” tab.
  3. Select the Country and input the Package Information and click on “Check”.
  4. Select the Carrier and Mode as per your shipping preferences.
  5. Complete the rest of the form by proving the Other Package Information, Seller Address Information, Order Information and Customer Information.

    Note: Many countries do not have pincode so you can put the pincode as 000 and proceed for order booking.

  6. Click on Create, the order will be created and will be shown on the shipments page with status “under approval”
  7. For the approval of the order you can reach out to Shyplite Support and we will review the order information and will approve the order.
  8. Once the order is approved, tracking number will be generated and you can get the shipping label and manifest from the seller panel.

Important points to keep in mind while placing an International order

  1. Weight: The weight should be the dead weight of the order in kg (kilogram).
  2. Dimensions: The dimensions should be mentioned in cm (centimeter).
  3. Mode: The mode of shipping of an order can be Express or Economy. Refer to the points mentioned each mode during order creation and select your preferred shipping mode.

    • Economy

    • Express

  4. Total Value: The total value of the shipment should always be in terms of US Dollars irrespective of the country you have selected during order booking.
  5. Serviceability: If the country is serviceable, then all pincodes falling in that country would be serviceable. But if country is not serviceable, the system will show no service when you select the country name from the drop down list on the international orders page.
  6. Order Type: International shipments are by default on prepaid order type.

Are There Any Additional Charges Applicable on International Shipment?

The Custom Duty Charges might be applicable as an additional charge on a shipment depending on the country. Custom Duty charge are to be paid at the time of delivery, however if the consignee denies to pay the charge, the same will be added along with the freight charges in the invoice to the seller.

If you have any questions that are not addressed, please feel free to reach Shyplite Support.