Lost and Damage - Liability and Claim Procedure

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Our Claim Liability for Lost and Damaged Shipments

Forward Shipment

  • We provide liability upto Rs 5000. You will be reimbursed the invoice value or Rs 5000 whichever is lower.

Reverse Shipment

  • We provide liability upto Rs 2000. You will be reimbursed 50% of the invoice value or Rs 2000 whichever is lower.

Claim Criteria for Lost and Damaged Shipments

Claim Criteria for Lost Shipment

One of the most common reasons for goods getting lost is that the shipping label has become detached from the box during transit. To help us locate your goods as quickly as possible, you will need to provide us with a detailed description of the packaging and the goods inside, along with any serial numbers (in the case of electronic goods). The more information you can provide, higher the chance carrier have of locating your goods and returning them to you.

After investigation, if the carrier is unable to locate your items, then we will declare the goods as lost and you will be able to submit a claim.

Claims must be made in writing within 30 days of the pickup date. You must provide the GST invoice to process the claim.

Claim Criteria for Damaged Shipment

We understand it can be an extremely distressing when a shipment is lost or damaged in transit and we are committed to assist you to raise a claim.

The process of raising a claim with the carrier takes time as there are specific steps and processes we have to follow. To help us help you, it’s really important that you follow the claims procedures outlined below.

  • Your goods must be packaged in accordance with industry standard packaging criteria.
  • All claims must be made in writing, and submitted by email, within 2 days of the delivery date.
  • You must include photographic evidence of the damage caused, to both the packaging and goods inside, with your completed claim document.

    You need to provide the following images:

    • Outer packaging images
    • Inner content images.
    • A Video while opening the damaged package.

Claims Procedures for Lost and Damaged Shipments

Once we receive the claim with all the required details, it will be forwarded to the carrier for investigation. We will try our best to have your claim accepted.

Carriers usually takes 25 to 45 days to process a claim. Once processing is finalized, we will inform you of the outcome.

Reasons a Damage Claim Can be Rejected

The primary cause of damage is mostly insufficient packaging. You must always consider your shipment journey when you prepare your shipment for transportation. All shipments are handled, loaded and offloaded several times during transit, including off vans, flights, conveyor belts, x-ray machines and customs inspection tables.

In addition, your shipment will be stacked onto other shipment, and it will also have other shipment stacked on top of it. This is why it’s important that you package your goods in accordance with industry standard packaging criteria.

Your claim is likely to be rejected if:

  • There is no external damage to the packaging, but the contents inside are damaged. This points to the fact that the goods were not sufficiently protected inside the box.
  • The goods inside were not sufficiently cushioned and suspended inside the box to prevent movement and protect against external impact during transit.
  • If the weight of your contents were too heavy for the size of the box, or the type of box used.
  • The joins and openings of the parcel were not sufficiently secured for transit by suitable amounts of packaging tape, and as a result the walls of the box have collapsed, or the parcel has burst open during transit.
  • You do not submit your claim request within 2 days of receiving the damaged items.
  • You fail to sign for your parcel as received ‘damaged’ upon delivery.
  • Your goods are on our Compensation Exclusion list.

Compensation Exclusion List - Products for which Compensation will not be Provided

The following Excluded Items are carried at Your sole risk and liability:

  • Cheque, Bonds, Deeds, Manuscripts, Securities and Plans
  • Fragile Product
  • China, Crockery or Ceramics
  • Food or any perishable products
  • Items containing glass
  • Liquid (Any products containing liquid)
  • Pottery or Porcelain
  • Projector, Television or computer monitor
  • Insufficiently protected or Unpacked Goods
  • Any Prohibited Items

If a Package is Damaged, Why Do I or Customer Have to Sign For the Goods as Damaged?

When a damage is reported we need to ascertain who is liable for the damage of the shipment. If the customer does not sign for the package as damaged then the damage could have occurred after delivery.

Carriers look for proof that the damage occurred prior to delivery taking place and the best way to prove this is to make sure the customer inspect the shipment from outside prior to delivery and sign for them as damaged if applicable.

If the receiver does not sign for the goods as damaged then it may invalidate your claim, however carrier consider all facts when assessing any case, so this is one of multiple factors while reviewing any claim. Thus, we advise you to inform your customers to mention damage while signing the proof of delivery.

If you have any questions that are not addressed, please feel free to reach Shyplite Support.