How To Make Sure of Hassle Free Order Booking?

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How To Make Sure of Hassle Free Order Booking Once Invoice is Raised?

  • Make sure you check the invoice within due date.
  • Make sure you raise the dispute if there is any discrepency in the invoice.
  • Make sure your account balance exceeds the invoice amount so that when the invoice amount is adjusted from your account balance, your booking does not stop.

What if I Miss the Invoice Due Date?

In case you miss the invoice due date, following would happen:

  • Your Invoice Amount will be deducted from your account balance.
  • In case your Invoice Amount exceeds from your account balance, your account balance will go negative which means that your booking will stop immediately and you would not be able to book your orders.

Thus, we recommend you to check the invoice as soon as you receive it, raise a discrepency within due date and make the payment of the amount exceeding your account balance.

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