When Will I Receive an Invoice for Shipping?

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When Will I Receive an Invoice for Shipping?

We raise invoice on monthly basis and you will receive your invoice before 15th of every month. You will receive the invoice PDF along with order wise shipping charge excel sheet to reconcil your invoice.

You will get 7 days to make the payment for the raised invoice. In case you have queries regarding invoice, you need to get back to us before the due date.

Click Here to learn about how to raise a weight dispute

From Where I Can Download My Invoice?

  1. Go to Billing from navigation menu on the left side.
  2. Download the invoice pdf by clicking the download icon under pdf column.
  3. Download the shipment wise excel sheet by clicking the download icon under the xlsx column.

How To Make Sure of Hassle Free Order Booking Once Invoice is Raised?

You can ensure hassle free order booking even after the invoice is raised by making sure of the following:

  • Make sure you check the invoice within due date.
  • Make sure you raise the dispute if there is any discrepency in the invoice.
  • Make sure your account balance exceeds the invoice amount so that when the invoice amount is adjusted from your account balance, your booking does not stop.

Why Am I Receiving an Invoice When You Have Already Deducted From My Recharge Amount?

Please be informed that we do not deduct the amount from your recharge amount, instead we block the amount equal to the estimated shipping charge from your recharge amount and it is not the final charged amount for a shipment.

The invoice which we raised is as per the weight charged by the carrier. Thus, when we raise the invoice you have 7 days to reconcile the invoice and get back to us in case of any discrepency. In case you do not raise any discrepency, the invoice amount will be deducted automatically from your recharge amount on the due date.

What is the Difference Between Account Balance, Unbilled Amount and Usable Amount?

  • Account Balance: Account balance is the overall balance of your Shyplite Account.
    • Positive account balance reflects your advance balance.
    • Negative account balance reflects you need to make the payment.
  • Unbilled Amount: The Unbilled Amount is the total of the estimated amount of the booked and unbilled orders.

  • Usable Balance: Usable balance is the balance which is available for the order booking.
    • Positive usable balance reflects the amount which is available for booking of orders.
    • Negative usable balance reflects that you need to recharge your account to continue booking the orders.

What are the Different Payment Modes?

You can add funds or make the payment by the following payment modes:

  1. Netbanking
  2. Debit Card
  3. Credit Card
  4. Wallet
    • Paytm
    • PhonePe
    • Amazon Pay
    • Freecharge
    • PayZapp
  5. UPI
  6. NEFT:

To make the payment or add funds to your account, Click on ”+ Rs xxx” button on the top of the page and select the mode of the payment to proceed further.

What if I Miss the Invoice Due Date?

In case you miss the invoice due date, following would happen:

  • Your Invoice Amount will be deducted from your account balance.
  • In case your Invoice Amount exceeds from your account balance, your account balance will go negative which means that your booking will stop immediately and you would not be able to book your orders.

Thus, we recommend you to check the invoice as soon as you receive it, raise a discrepency if you have any queries and make the payment of the amount exceeding your account balance.

I Do Not Agree With the Charged Weight, What To Do?

You can raise a weight dispute, in case you do not agree with the weight charged in the invoice.

Click Here to learn about how to raise a weight dispute.

If you have any questions that are not addressed, please feel free to reach Shyplite Support.