What's in Shyplite's Passbook

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What is Passbook

Passbook keeps a record of all your transactions. It helps you in simplifying, tracking and managing your transaction records from a single passbook view. It contains your total usable balance that your account has, show your spending on booking and refunds (if any) in the real time.

Where can I see my passbook tab?

Following steps will redirect you to passbook tab

  1. On the left navigation screen click on billing

  2. Click on the passbook tab

Click Here to redirect to passbook tab

What all types of transaction will reflect in passbook?

Passbook tab shows the following transaction types

1) Shipping charge You can see the amount which is charged from your Shyplite wallet at the time of booking an order under shipping charge.

2) Shipping charge refund This amount is only eligible on the orders that got cancelled. The deducted amount that is refunded will be shown in the passbook under this.

3)Invoice charge This is the difference between the actual shipping cost charged by carriers and the estimated charges applied at the time of booking. The difference of this is adjusted at the time of invoicing as invoice charge. For eg: At the time of booking A is charged with Rs 10,000 but the actual shipment cost incurred is Rs 12,000, this excess Rs 2,000 will be added under the invoice charge.

4) Invoice charge refund The excess amount after invoicing charged during a transaction will be refunded and this particular amount will reflect under invoice charge refund.

5) Credit note(CN) The amount credited in your Shyplite wallet for any dispute, lost or damaged shipment will reflect under the credit note.

6) TDS It shows the amount used for tax payout from your account.

7) Payment All the transactions made from any payment gateway will reflect under payment

Note - You can also filter your passbook transactions based on a particular period of days, transaction types and reference number.

If you have any questions that are not addressed, please feel free to reach Shyplite Support.

Enjoy and Happy Shipping!