How to Integrate Amazon Store with Shyplite?

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Steps to Integrate Amazon with Shyplite

  1. Visit Amazon MWS.

  2. Click on Signup button on the right side of the screen and sign in with your Amazon credentials.

  3. At the bottom of the page, click on Authorize a Developer button.

  4. In Developer Name, enter Shyplite Developer Account Number, enter 0952-1324-3751 here and click next.

  5. Please copy the credentials for Seller ID and MWS Authorisation Token.

  6. Go to Connectors and click on “Add a New Connector” and click on “Connect” button for Amazon store.

  7. Paste the credentials for Seller ID and MWS Authorisation Token.

  8. Enable Get Orders to allow order import from Amazon to Shyplite panel.

  9. You can choose to enable auto-fulfillment option, by enabling this option it will update carrier name and tracking number in your Amazon account on downloading the manifest.

  10. Click on Create to save the Settings.

  11. Your amazon store has been integrated with Shyplite, please monitor for order import.

Note: Old orders will be imported in the next import cycle which will run in about 2 hours.

Main Features

  1. Automatic Order Import
    • Order automatically gets imported from your Amazon orders to Shyplite once in every two hours. Please make sure that Get Orders is enabled on your on Amazon Connector Settings
  2. Automatic Order Fulfillment
    • On downloading a manifest for an order on Shyplite panel, it automatically updates the carrier name and tracking number on your Amazon store.

If you have any questions that are not addressed, please feel free to reach Shyplite Support.