How to Integrate Your Opencart Store with Shyplite?

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Steps to Integrate Opencart Store with Shyplite

  1. Go to Opencart Website » Users » API

  2. In API list, click on Action for API Name “Default”.

  3. You would be able to see your API keys.

  4. Now go to Connectors and click on “Add a New Connector” and click on “Connect” button for Opencart store.

  5. Select your Opencart Version from the dropdown, add the Application URL and API Key

  6. Enable Get Orders to allow order import from Opencart to Shyplite panel and click on Update to save the Settings.

  7. To enable the order on Shyplite, you will need to install our Shyplite plugin into your opencart admin.

  8. You can download the extension as per your opencart version mentioned below:
  9. Now go to your opencart admin panel. Go to Extensions » Extention Installer. Please note Opencart-1.x requires manual installation.

  10. Click on upload and select the plugin.

  11. After successful install, go to Extensions » Feeds.

  12. In Feed List, install “Shyplite Orders API” and “Enable” it by clicking edit icon.

  13. Your opencart store has been integrated with Shyplite, please monitor for order import.

Note: Old orders will be imported in the next import cycle which will run in about 2 hours.

Main Features

Automatic Order Import

  • We import orders on Shyplite panel from opencart in every 2 hours.
  • Please make sure that Get Orders is enabled on your on Opencart Connector Settings

If you have any questions that are not addressed, please feel free to reach Shyplite Support.