How to Integrate Vinculum Store with Shyplite?

Vinculum Integration Steps:

  1. Login into the Shyplite panel. Go to Settings » API » Your API Credentials
  2. Click on the Re-generate button. Now you will have Seller ID, Public Key, Private Key, App’s ID. All these details are needed while configuration through the Vinculum platform.
  3. Login on Vin e-Retail. Once logged in, navigate to the left hand side of the screen towards the menu

  4. Hover over the Master Module and click on Transporter Master under Trading Partners

  5. In the Transporter Enquiry screen, click the Add New button that is located on the top right corner of the screen. Alternatively, use Alt+F as a shortcut key to add a new transporter. This will bring up Transporter Create/Edit screen

  6. On the Transporter Create/Edit screen, select the Transporter Type as Shyplite from the drop-down list.

  7. Fill the details as provided in the below table:

    7.1 Detail Transporter

    S.No. Section Field (Free Text/Checkbox/Dropdown) Features Details
    1 Detail Transporter Transporter Type Select the dropdown to choose the transporter. It is a mandatory field. Select Shyplite. Once the transporter is selected, “Configure API Details” tab will appear.
    1.a.   Transporter Code* Unique Code is generated by the user for each Transport. Once the Transporter Code is saved, it cannot be edited. It is a mandatory field. It helps differentiate two or more records in case these records have the same Transporter Name.
    1.b.   Transporter Name* Defined by the user. It is a mandatory field. The user can use this field to give any name for the transporter.
    1.c.   Company Name Defined by the user. This field is used to provide an optional alternative name to the transporter
    1.d.   GL Code General Ledger Code and it is an optional free text field. It is used for reference to locate the transporter in the books of accounts.
    1.e.   Validate Service Loc Checkbox that allows validation of Delivery location/pin code of the transporter It is used to check whether the delivery location is serviceable or not (i.e., reachable by the transporter.)
    1.f.   Send Ship Mail ID Checkbox that allows you to send ship main id to your customers. When this option is enabled, the transporter will send order tracking information to the end customer via email.
    1.g.   Reverse Validate Service Loc Checkbox will allow validation for the delivery location/pin code in case of returns It is used to check whether the pickup location is serviceable
    1.h.   Delivery Mode Dropdown to select delivery mode as Air or Surface It is not a mandatory field. The delivery via water bodies will be part of the surface only. In case of Shyplite, these mode type may also be selected on Service Type present on Manage Picking screen (detailed in the Service Type section of the document).
    1.i.   Upload AWB series Checkbox that allows to upload AWB series if manifest generation is offline otherwise leave it blank. Check only if manifest generation is offline. Keep this option unchecked in case of real time manifest generation.Manifest (offline/real-time) can be selected in the Configure API Details tab.
    1.j.   Is Active Check this option to mark the transporter active. It is a mandatory field. The transporter cannot be used if it is not marked active.
    1.k.   Tracking hour Free text field used for any number of hours less than <24 hours to check the shipment with the transporter. 6 hours is the ideal time and is also the default value.
    1.l   Dimensional Factor Optional free text fieldused to calculate thedimensional weight of theshipment The volume of the shipment is divided by Dimensional Factor to determine the shipment’s dimensional weight, which is then further used to calculate the shipment rates. It is an optional field.
    1.m.   Trans Type* Dropdown to be selected either as “Courier” or “Own Fleet”. It is a mandatory field. In B2C cases, select “Courier” as the default Trans type. In B2B cases, this field is more relevant.
    2 (a-d) Contact Details Mandatory fields. a. Address 1, b. Address 2, c. Country, d. State a & b. Free text field to update the correct address c. & d. Dropdown boxes to select the correct City & State information Address1, Address2, Country, and State are mandatory, and must be filled before further configuration.
    2 (e-m)   Other fields like: Address 3, Address 4, Phone, Alternate Phone, Fax, Email, Alternate Email, City & Pin code Optional fields to update the required information These are optional fields to provide other contact information.

    7.2 User Defined Fields

    The user may also add up to 5 custom defined fields for their use in the User Defined Field tab. All these fields are optional

    7.3 Configure API Details screen

    Configure the following as needed:

    Field Feature Details
    AWB Generation Type It is a drop down list to select the type of AWB number generation.NOTE: When selecting Offline Manifest, the Upload AWB Series must be checked as well. Enter the following accordingly:Offline Manifest - The AWB numbers are already acquired beforehand from Shyplite, and saved in the Vin e-Retail database. These AWB numbers are then used to track order status of the shipment.

    Below screen will appear once the AWB generation type is selected with two tabs:

    a. Tracking API Details

    b. Manifest API Details

    7.3. a. Tracking API Details Tab

    7.3. b. Manifest API Details

    Fill the details as per the information provided in the table.

    S.No. Tab Field Feature Details
    3.b.i. Manifest APIDetails Manifest API Details It is a check box that enables Manifest API details Manifest API is mainly used to inform the transporter of the pickup location and the delivery location.Once this checkbox is clicked, the subsequenttabs will be enabled for allowing input.
    3.b.ii.   API KEY This field is used to enter the API key to enable manifest. This API key is provided by the transporter. The key will be the same asthe one for tracking.
    3.b.iii.   APP ID This field is used to enter the APP ID to enable manifest. This APP ID is provided by the transporter. The key will be the same asthe one for tracking.
  8. Service Type

    Shyplite provides multiple courier services. Based on these services, the courier partner may be assigned. The user can choose the preferred service type in the following Manage Picking screen