How to Integrate Your ZOHO Store with Shyplite?

  1. Logon to Shyplite Portal :

  2. Go settings , Choose Connectors and select ZOHO connector. This will open the ZOHO credentials details pop-up page.

  3. Under step 1 in credentials, click on Auth.Token, which will redirect to the ZOHO api-console in a new tab.

  4. Now click get started to complete the process in ZOHO api

  5. Under the client type, Select Server-Based-Applications

  6. This will open: Create New Client details, which the input parameters (Add Client Name, Home Page URL, Authorized 4. Redirect URLs). All these details can be copied from the connectors tab which was opened in the previous tab already.

  7. After the above step, client secret key is generated which includes Client ID, Client Secret Key

  8. Copy the above details and paste them in Shyplite - Connectors and click CREATE NEW

  9. After this step click again on ZOHO Connectors, scroll down and click on VERIFY button which will redirect to ZOHO Connector

  10. Login with your ZOHO credentials and click on ACCEPT to allow SHYPLITE to capture the details.

Note : Now, the orders will start fetching to Shyplite panel for every 2 hours of timeline